What’s Hot, What’s Not

June 2017

See you derby day!

April 13/16

Good Perch today.  Need weather.


June 8/15

On the local scene, I’m hearing very little positive news from Holiday Beach and Colchester. This is not surprising as I hear every year the same thing and guys bring in 30+ inch fish.
Leamington and Pelee are producing lots of fish but again no one is bragging. It’s always the same at Derby time.
Fish are suspended and down on bottom pretty well everywhere.
Good luck to everyone, as we have excellent sponsors and excellent cash and door prizes. Remember $200 cash for biggest perch of the day. Check your program for the cash prizes and you will be pleasantly surprised on the 3rd through 10th place.


May 24/15

‎The bite has started, although a bit a late. West of the Harbour, the walleye have started in the Holiday Beach area. I’ve been to SW Pelee and contacted some fish, but not as many as I would like. No positive report from East Sister and Hen Island, but that could turn on any day now. The late bite is similar to a year ago.

May 15/15

This late and stormy spring has done us no favours. Sporadic shoreline fish are starting to appear both east and west of Colchester. A bite has developed north Pelee but there is little pressure applied to these fish so I can’t tell you if it’s good or poor. We need some sun and heat to get these fish and the fisherman going.

July 11/14

Leamington area, when the wind is not blowing hard, is really on fire. 3-6 miles from the Harbour producing great fish in good numbers. Harnesses on bottombouncers or Off Shore Tadpoles or Guppy inlines are the best bet.

Even the crankbait trollers are catching fish.

Pelee Island has good fish on NW corner and along the Westside. Deeper water on the Southeast side is producing with inlines such as Off Shore Tadpoles and Guppies. Anywhere from 20′ to 50′ back are taking good fish.

June 2/14 – Junk Fish Everywhere!